The Company

Tea remains one of the UK’s most popular drinks, and sharing a cuppa one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. Having spent more than a decade in the tea industry and with a degree in marketing, I identified a growing demand for cost effective personalised products. I wanted to incorporate this much loved drink with promotional products and Branded Cuppa was born.

From a personal gift for a loved one to a large corporate promotion, a branded cuppa is the perfect option. The quality of our products is as important as the branding. Branded Cuppa tea bags are produced using only high quality teas, which are ethically sourced from the finest bushes. By specialising in branded tea we are able to give every order our full attention and add a personal touch with our service.

Dan Sharps – Owner


Manufacturing in-house is at the heart of what Branded Cuppa does. Establishing our own factory in the UK has meant that we can deliver quality products with a high level of customer service. We are also able to develop products to suit your needs, providing that personal touch and maintaining the very highest standards.